We are often asked by our selling clients, ‘what do I need to do to get my home ready before I put it up for sale, to make sure I get the best possible price?’ Sellers ask this with a bit of fear and trepidation we are sure, because as much as they want to get top dollar, they are uncertain of the time and money they will need to invest.  We only want you to invest in what is the most likely to bring you the best return, both of your energy and your money.  If there is just one thing you invest in, after you declutter, it is PAINT!

Why paint you ask? Isn’t paint a very personal thing?  Yes, it definitely is, and that is why we recommend that you paint as many rooms as possible before you list your home for sale.  Most buyers now are starting their home searches at builder’s Model Homes – these are the most modern, freshest, newest choices of home available, but for some people these homes are out of their reach.  So they will be booking a showing of your home and comparing it to a model home.  If you have ever visited a Model Home (and we recommend you do), you will note that the use of colour on the walls is very minimal.  The walls, floors and carpets are very neutral.  Accents of colours are added through carefully chosen accessories.  This is done very purposefully, because a builder knows that a neutral palette will appeal to the broadest range of buyers.  And the more buyers your home appeals to, the more interest your home will garner when it is listed, and this generally results in your receiving a higher price.  Stronger interest= higher selling price!

Neutral paint is one of the most inexpensive upgrades you can make to your home. It freshens everything up, and provides a neutral backdrop for a new buyer.  They will be able to visualize their own furnishings and décor in the space (already start ‘moving in’ in their mind), and they will add more colour when they settle in.

And what is a neutral paint colour? Is there a specific one we recommend to everyone?  Not really.  Wall colours draw from their surroundings – flooring, trims, exterior views, shadows, and so on.  If you list with us, we will provide, at our expense, a consultation with a professional colour specialist to assist in the selection of paint colours best suited to your home’s finishes and light.  That is how much we believe in the value of painting your home.  Should you paint it yourself?  Not if this is the first time or almost first time you have painted.  It is a big job, and the professionals do it carefully and consistently.

And a great bonus of having painted neutrally throughout is that your home will photograph better for your listing. Check out photos online of homes listed for sale – when there are a number of different colours in a house, it is hard to get a sense of the shape of rooms, style and layout of the house – colours ‘chop it up’.  With a neutral palette, the ‘bones’ of your home will shine, not your décor (which after all the buyer is not buying).

If you are planning to list this spring, it isn’t too early to start painting! By the first of March, the best painters are getting tightly booked, so it might be time to get started on the painting prep now!  Call us if we can help!